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"Learn the secret to creating killer content videos that sell!!"

The best way to build a memorable brand that keeps your customers coming back for more is by producing high-quality, professional videos that educate, connect, and influence your target market on a personal and intimate level.


In the series I cover the best cameras an lightning for any budget, the easiest and most cost effective way to edit your videos and stream live, and most importantly I give you the formula I use in all of my content videos to generate massive engagement and convert prospects into clients. 


And the best part is, You can have it for free. Now WHY on earth would I do that for you? Simple...

Theres a lot of people online today who want you to invest in them before they’ve proven they can help you. I’d like to do the opposite. I’d like to help you for free because I know if I do a good job there’s a great chance we’ll do business together down he road.



  • PART 1 - The Hardware: A Walkthrough of Some of The Best Hardware for Video - In this first module, Jason will personally take you through all the hardware he uses every day, including cameras, microphones, lighting solutions, and more! There's something in here for every budget.

  • PART 2 - The Software & Recorded Video - Once you know what type of hardware is best for your use case, you'll want to know the best software for editing and posting your finished product and Jason's got your back there too.

  • PART 3 - Going Live: Cost-Effective Solutions for Video Streaming - Pushing out edited video content is great, but the best influencers have mastered the art of using live video streams to connect with their audience in real time. This final module might be the most valuable of all!

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PAINFULLY OBVIOUS DISCLAIMER: My results aren't even on the same planet as "typical."  Pulling this off was HARD and it STILL takes work. It's not like I get to just sit around all day and count money.  And no matter how good the instructions are, the average person who gets/consumes/buys any "business building" materials rarely gets any results. Kind of like how the average person who buys the fitness gizmo on TV rarely looks like the person in the commercials. Anyway - you get the point. No income claims are made or implied. I can show you what's working for me but please don't take it as an insinuation that the average person will do the same. I have no clue what the average person (or anyone) will do. I think it's safe to assume the answer is "nothing."